AFSCME Local 2865

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 Your email account will only be used to send you information about  Up Coming Meetings, Local Union Elections, Website Updates, and "Last Minute" Notices.  Information about Meeting Minutes, Elected Local Union Officers, Stewards, Future Planned Meetings, Links To Union Resources, Links To WSSD Resources, and More will be posted to this website.  Please keep checking this site and your inbox for Local 2865 information.  And after you register your email account, you can setup a Member account with a password, that you choose, to access all the pages on this Website.  Non-Members can not access Member Only Pages, but will only receive email updates after signing up.  Thank You.

Rumors and talk come up all the time about the Union and District.  If you hear anything that you are not sure about please don't spread it.  Call a Steward, so they can research the item.  The Steward will find out the truth and report back to you.  Rumors and stories can start by anyone.  We all need to communicate with each other in a way that is proper and appropriate for the situation.  Bulletin boards are being setup, email accounts are being collected, meetings are being arranged so all Support Staff Employees have a chance to get the truth and facts.  Please remember that we all have to unite in order to maintain a good work environment.  Someday we all will have a GREAT work environment.  Things take time to work out.  NO ONE IS ALONE ANYMORE.