AFSCME Local 2865

Member Only Benefits

As a AFSCME Member, you can get and use the information off of the webpage listed below.

AFSCME Council 13 Benefits Page

Discounted Hershey Park 2013 Tickets Available For Members Only

AFSCME District Council 89 Discounted Prices Below.
Regular 1 Day Admission Ticket
 (ages 9 - 54) 
Junior/Senior 1 Day Admission Ticket
 (ages 3 - 8 & 55 - 69)
Senior 70+ 1 Day Admission Ticket
 (ages 70+)
Meal Ticket Voucher
Game Booklet Voucher



Contact Penny Fink,, for the promo code needed to purchase items online at the address below. Please include your name and department in the email and address the subject with Hershey Tickets. Thanks.
Check out Hershey Park's own website to see how good this deal is

Trying to Keep Everyone Connected

It is hard to keep everyone updated about the business of our Local Union and District.  There are numerous groups of employees that don't have a daily or even a weekly way to socialize with other employees.  As a Local Union, we have to try to get information to all the groups of employees.  The contract states that the District agrees to designate and provide space on a bulletin board at every building for Union business.  We can post Meeting information, Local Election information, and any other material related to Union business.  The United States Postal Service is another way the Union is trying to get information to people.  The USPS has the ability to reach almost every person, but there is a cost.  Rising mail rates are making hard to send over a hundred letters to every person on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even a semi-monthly manner.  The Union plans to always use the USPS, but only at times in which it is necessary.  The Internet has now given the world a way to connect many people together.  Our Local Union has the ability to connect our employees together with a website and email.  There is an Email Mailing List feature on this website that will allow our Union to send information to employees all at once.  The same information that is posted on bulletin boards, sent through the USPS, and even more can now be sent to everyone on a list at the same time.  Everyone who signs up will have the ability to take their time reviewing the information sent.  They will also have the ability to act on sudden situations faster.  As a Union, we need to stay connected.  United we stand, divided we fall.

Rumors and talk come up all the time about the Union and District.  If you hear anything that you are not sure about please don't spread it.  Call a Steward, so they can research the item.  The Steward will find out the truth and report back to you.  Rumors and stories can start by anyone.  We all need to communicate with each other in a way that is proper and appropriate for the situation.  Bulletin boards are being setup, email accounts are being collected, meetings are being arranged so all Support Staff Employees have a chance to get the truth and facts.  Please remember that we all have to unite in order to maintain a good work environment.  Someday we all will have a GREAT work environment.  Things take time to work out.  NO ONE IS ALONE ANYMORE.