AFSCME Local 2865

                         Local 2865 Serving All Support Staff of the West Shore School District

We are AFSCME District Council 89 Local 2865.  This Union was created for all full-time and regular part-time blue-collar nonprofessional Employees including but not limited to bus drivers, custodial and maintenance employees and food service employees; and excluding white-collar nonprofessional employees, management level employees, supervisors, first level supervisors, confidential employees and guards defined in the Public Employe Relations Act as certified by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board, Case Number PERA-R_06-537-E dated December 26, 2006.

If you are a member of the Union, you can sign up for websites updates and Union anouncements.  Your information will be kept private and will only be used to contact you by this site.  You can unsubscribe at anytime.


If you are not a Local 2865 Union Member and would like to be, please contact an Executive Officer or Steward.  They will assist you.  Thank You.



Under your AFSCME contract and federal law you are guaranteed certain rights to union representation.  Know them.  Use them.


1.    You have the right to union representation, not a specific union representative, at any meeting with management, which could possibly result in disciplinary action against you.


·        No matter what management chooses to call the meeting, (Investigatory Interview, Fact Finding, or Pre-Disciplinary Conference) your right to union representation is available any time a supervisor or manager asks you questions which you reasonably believe could result in disciplinary action against you.


2.    Whenever you are called to a meeting with management, explicitly ask about the specific nature of the meeting.


·        Management has no legal obligation to inform you of your right to union representation.  The burden is on the employee to request a steward.


3.    Before beginning the meeting, or at any time that you believe the meeting is covering areas that might result in discipline, you must explicitly ask for union representation.


·        If management begins the meeting innocently enough and then in the middle, changes the subject or nature of the conversation, you must ask again for union representation.


4.    Prior to proceeding with the meeting, confer with your union representative and discuss the matters at issue in the meeting.


·        If at anytime during the meeting another subject of possible discipline is brought up, you have the right again to confer with your representative privately to discuss the issue before continuing the meeting with management.


5.      If you have any questions, ask your union representative.

Rumors and talk come up all the time about the Union and District.  If you hear anything that you are not sure about please don't spread it.  Call a Steward, so they can research the item.  The Steward will find out the truth and report back to you.  Rumors and stories can start by anyone.  We all need to communicate with each other in a way that is proper and appropriate for the situation.  Bulletin boards are being setup, email accounts are being collected, meetings are being arranged so all Support Staff Employees have a chance to get the truth and facts.  Please remember that we all have to unite in order to maintain a good work environment.  Someday we all will have a GREAT work environment.  Things take time to work out.  NO ONE IS ALONE ANYMORE.